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Our jukeboxes have been professionally rebuilt/restored
and include a full one year parts warranty.

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How Jukeboxes Unlimited Rebuilds Jukeboxes

When Jukeboxes Unlimited rebuilds a jukebox, there is little we don't do.  But, it takes years 
of experience to produce great sounding and great working jukeboxes.  Here's what we do:

Most jukeboxes have steel casters that will mar floors. 

Replacement rubber casters on a 1956 Seeburg VL-200.

When it can be done, we install rubber wheels.

New casters on a 1958 Seeburg 161.

There are good ones and bad ones.  It takes research to know the correct ones.  
Some needles can be louder than others.  Using the wrong mil (thickness) needle and it can 
destroy your records.

Tone-arm pressure
You need the right equipment to be able to set the tone arm pressure, 
you can't just guess or tape a quarter to it.  The wrong tone arm pressure will track heavy 
and eat up your valuable records.

Tonearm springs for a Seeburg mechanism.

You have to know what you're doing when replacing speakers that are bad.  
You can't just replace it with a new one because speakers are tuned to their cabinet.  
For example, Seeburgs have odd impedances, 4, 6, 12 ohms.  Installing an 8 ohms speaker 
in a Seeburg will drastically reduce the sound output.  Most early jukeboxes have very 
efficient sound systems that are designed for low output speakers.

Grill Cloth
Most folks dont know the difference between fabrics from a fabric store and grill cloth.  They can look identical, but real grill cloth lets the air flow through easily whereas plain fabric restricts it.  When sound is produced through a speaker, the cone of the speaker moves in and out moving air.  This quick moving air can make plain fabric oscillate or thump against the grill.  This thumping distorts the bass notes and the sound comes out mushy.

  A while back we purchased cloth from a well known jukebox supplier for a Seeburg R that turned out to be just shiny cloth. We had to inform him; he didnt know the difference.  What was scary is that he told us hed been selling it for years and we were the first and only ones who caught it.

We clean the machine inside and out.


We lube and adjust all aspects of each unit with the proper lubricants.  
There isn't just one lubricant that can cover it all.  We've learned which ones work best 
for each specific application.  We NEVER use WD-40.

Cleaning, lubricating and adjusting mechanisms is a very critical aspect 
of properly rebuilding a jukebox especially with Seeburgs.  

Before                                                                                    After
Mechanisms of a Seeburg "C" before and a Seeburg "L" after cleaning.


Before                                                                               After
Mechanisms of a Seeburg "C" before and a Seeburg "222" after cleaning. 

Fine Tuning
After everything is finished we run each jukebox for days, at times cranking them all the way up.

A detailed jukebox from Jukeboxes Unlimited is ready to go home with you now.

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